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Molina Healthcare of Michigan

880 W. Long Lake Road Troy, Michigan
Troy, Michigan

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Molina Healthcare of Michigan880 W. Long Lake Road Troy, Michigan
Troy, Michigan
Property type Office
Size 185,000 SF
Assignment type
Construction & Design

In an effort to expand their Midwest headquarters and accommodate a growing workforce, Molina purchased an 185,000 square foot building located at 880 W. Long Lake Road in the Troy Corporate Center. The tenant requested a quick turnaround and Friedman Construction and Design provided full design-build services, which included programing, design, and construction.

Friedman completed the build out of three floors totaling roughly 93,600 square feet as well as a convenience store on the first floor. The turnover of each floor was staggered by one week to allow six weeks per floor for construction. With a full construction team on site in the same Troy office park, we were able to provide on-site construction oversight, management of revisions/issues that arose, and serve as a single point of contact for contractors as well as the tenant.

With a deep understanding of the client’s needs, we were able to deliver an innovative and cost-effective design plan that completely transformed the existing space into a corporate showcase. Our success was based on a meticulous approach to planning and attention to detail, working simultaneously on three separate floors. Both Friedman and Molina had teams on-site for almost 90% of the time.