Today’s economy runs on information.  Those who possess the most accurate, up-to-the-minute intel on market conditions lead, where others follow.  Friedman understands the importance of providing the very best market research and analysis for our clients.  We employ a full-time dedicated Research Coordinator whose primary role is to track, analyze, compile, and report on the commercial real estate market, as well as the local, regional, and global economic forces that impact it.  We don’t simply rely on canned reports obtained by third party real estate news sources or reporting agencies.  We dig deeper, understanding the nuances and subtle details that can dramatically impact real estate decisions.

Friedman’s in-depth semi-annual Market Report is a must read for any owner, tenant, or investor who wants to understand what’s really going on out there.  We write our reports in plain English; with easy to read statistics, graphics, and a narrative that avoids the jargon and lets you quickly assess and understand the current market.

In addition to our Market Reports, Friedman aggregates and publishes links to all the latest business and real estate news in our digital Market Spotlight publication, which is sent out to clients weekly and is always available on our website.  To register to receive our weekly Market Spotlight, please click here.

To download our latest semi-annual Market Report, please click the link to the right.  For more information, please call 248.324.2000, or email